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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Medications...man oh man

I think I am on wayyyy more estrogen than my last cycle, because I don't remember being this moody over nothing. My poor husband has had to endure me mood swinging like crazy. One minute I am smiling and enjoying things and the next in tears. And over stupid little sh*t that shouldn't matter.
If it gets me pregnant, all the estrogen Dr. P wants in me, will go into me. Period.

On another note, my last baseline was Monday the 21st and my lining was 8mm, with a triple strip. He was satisfied with that number, but added another estrogen patch to my protocol "to see how your body reacts to it, in case you want to do another one" were his exact words. Ok...if you say so.
So today is the Donor's day to go in and get looked at, so we will have a better idea of if it's going to be 2nd or 3rd of March. Julie called me from OAC to let me know that L & M will be there for transfer, so I am extremely excited to see them again.

However, I have come down with this massive head cold this morning. After everything that has gone on so far with this journey and Dr. P being so strict on everything, I am concerned about him possibly cancelling the cycle because of a cold. Julie is supposed to talk to him about it and get back to me this afternoon, though I will be seeing him tomorrow to get a last baseline and the rest of my protocol instructions.

Praying everything works out, and I am going to stock up on Dayquil and make sure I get lots of sleep and liquids over the next few days.

1 Week to go! Lets hope this time next week those 2 embies are starting to snuggle in my uterus!