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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Day after...

So, I was up most of last night with hot flashes and cold flashes, which sucks, horribly. I also started spotting.
Well, the spotting is gone this morning, but the flashes seem to be a constant.

I hadn't cried about all this until a little while ago when Souad called me and informed me about my IP's deciding to do a fresh transfer since Dr. Pabon informed them the 3 remaining embryo's are no good. Big shock there. Anyway, Souad heard what I told Julie yesterday about him letting me know that of 7 pregnancy tests, mine was the only negative. Souad called up there to wring someone's neck and it found out Dr. P was the one who called me and she couldn't do anything about it, but that was completely uncalled for. It was then that I started crying.

I fell HORRIBLE for my IP's. Awful. I was/am scared they were mad at me, but Souad reassured me. I did everything I was supposed to do. My poor dh has to go through this with me, every step of the way, but he is so wonderful about it. My kids were disappointed as well and my dd's reaction word for word was "so we did all that for nothing?" Kids. What can you do? I explained to her it's not guaranteed to work, but we do what we can.

As for me, I am going to go eat some lunch, cry some more until I feel I can no longer cry and then sleep, maybe.