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Monday, March 14, 2011

I was correct...

Dr. Pabon called me and told me it was negative. I figured so and was prepared. He told my IP's. He also nicely informed me that out of 7 pregnancy tests mine was the only one that was negative. Thanks Dr. P. 'Preciate that. Anyway, my IP's are talking with him tomorrow at 11 and will decide whether to do FET or another fresh w/ a different donor. He said the egg quality could have been better had they used a different protocol and this is not my fault. I wish I had known the egg quality wasn't that good to begin with, I wouldn't have held on to hope so hard. =(

As a hopeful surrogate, you feel horrible it doesn't work. You feel as though it's your fault. But you feel 10 times worse for your intended parents. It actually makes you feel worse in many ways...like a failure.


I guess, here's hoping the next time it works. I was instructed to stop meds and he's calling me in the BCP to start when I start my period, which will be around Sunday, if my body follows the same pattern it did last time.

Here's hoping...