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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Transfer, complete.

So, it was as I imagined it would be. Except the part about the bladder fullness...I totally expected it to be worse. Thank you, prince Valium. The speculum hurt a little, but all in all it wasn't that bad.
Before hand, L & M and I were brought into a different room and talked about the number of embryos to transfer. L almost went to 3, to which I probably would have spoke up and said something had Dr. P not done it for me. Dr. P said that would be possible to transfer 3 maybe on the 2nd try if the first doesn't work. But I also found out they PGD'd the embies...I didn't know that before I got in there today...It's a little disturbing, but I was assured it wouldn't hinder the chances of implantation any from having it. If it works, I will lose all skepticism of PGD. I've seen other surros have healthy surro babies from PGD'd embies, but the last journey I had one PGD'd emby put in. Anyway, back to the subject...12 were fertilized (IDK how may retrieved) then after PGD, 6 were still viable. 4 female and 2 male. L wanted to put both boys in, but Dr. P explained that one of the female embies was in much better condition, so they went with the best two, and L & M went with Dr. P's suggestion. (One boy and one girl)

L & M went into transfer room with me and Dr. P explained everything as he did it. He was so professional and so different from Dr. Akerman. Holy crap. Dr. P didn't stare at my vajayjay the whole time...after he put the embies in he put the sheet down and moved away while he got clearance the catheter was empty. Anyway, L rubbed my shoulder a little during the process to ease the silence lol

My IP's are fabulous. I'd only talked to them a couple times before transfer, but today was just phenomenal. They hadn't yet met Thomas, my husband and M told me after transfer while we were sitting in the quiet room that she adored him and he reminded her of home (Jacksonville, where IM and myself are from), which made me happy. We all did big hugs before they left and made plans for the testing POAS phone calls and all that. My beta (the blood draw that tells the HCG level in blood and confirms pregnancy) is on the 14th. That's 11 days from now. I will be POAS come Tuesday.

Anyway, once the valium wore off and we were on the way home, my head started hurting a little. I was starving. So we swung by checkers, got a couple burgers and I've been on the couch since. Thomas made me his special home made Chicken Parmesan (spelling?)for dinner w/ salad and asparagus (which I hate, yuk!) but the chicken and the salad were both great!
My dd has been rubbing my feet and head and being sweet.
I'm not terribly happy though...my Aunt and Father waited to tell me my Mom is in the hospital. She had a couple seizures this morning and her BP was extremely high. They admitted her and Dad came over and relinquished the horrid news that they found a spot on her lung, though they don't know what it is at this point. Her mother (my grandma) died from lung cancer the year Evey was born.
Now I just need to occupy my time with work and get through everything one day at a time.