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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Waiting...AKA "Surro Limbo"

Being in "surro limbo" as I've seen several ladies refer to it, stinks. It's waiting, waiting, and more waiting.

So, I've decided in the meantime while I'm waiting, I am going to try something. I was browsing SMO and saw a thread on the HCG diet. I was curious (as we all know I am) and I ordered some. The girls were saying it's pretty easy, apply the drops under the tongue and after the first 2 days you cut your caloric intake down to 500 calories a day. I barely eat as it is, so this will be easy for me. NO EXERCISE!! (hell yea!)

I've been checking Youtube as well and seeing a ton of success stories. I just need to lose 30 lbs and I am golden, in the "normal" category and I will be soooo happy. So, it's supposed to be there by next Friday and I am going to stock up on stuff low calorie/carb and get ready. I plan to get before/after pics and measurements as well.

Also, we are moving next weekend. We live in these apartments and I am tired of it. We found a place we can afford without me having to work and still have all the luxeries we have here and then some, without all the hassles of living in an apartment. And we can finally get a dog. Woot!

Anyway, that's my news...since I've decided to make this blog about more than the surrogacy, I will be posting updates on everything from now on.

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