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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Normally, I would not be happy about her rearing her ugly head on me, but at this time, I am super excited she showed. Being on BCP's, my period likes to come as it pleases. Well it needed to show soon, so I can get to the clinic in Miami, get going on meds and get this surrogacy on the road, so I can cross it off my bucket list. It's almost here!!!

About the bucket list, here are a few items and my progress-

1. Carry a baby for another couple. (surrogate)
2. Finish college (5 months to go!!)
3. Go to Disney World. (Yes, I've been a Florida resident most of my life and never been there.)
4. See my Children get married.
5. Become a Grandmother.

There's more...but at this point, that's all I'm listing.

My Mom is doing better as she usually does, which I am thankful for. I can finally stop being so stressed out about everything and stop walking on proverbial egg shells.

Monday afternoon I should have my Miami appointment scheduled, and after I have the appointment and a calendar I will do more updating!

Oh, but first....my new baby....my (late) anniversary gift...

                                             Meet Gismo!! My newest baby. ♥♥♥