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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stellar Meetings

Well, Souad pulled a major hat trick this time. I met my now IP's at OAC this afternoon. They have the cutest daughter, swear. After an hour at OAC talking just my IP's and their lil cutie and I all went and had lunch and talked like we've known each other forever. Anyway to keep out of their personal lives, I will stay more on the medical/cycling side of surrogacy. They have 3 frozen embryos that have been there for four years. They had their first surro give birth to their little cutie now and a second surro got pregnant the first time, but miscarried. Now there are three left and they are going  into me, next month. I am anxiously awaiting AF and to start BCP on CD 3 and soon after I will be flying to Miami to go to the clinic to have them do what testing they need (if any) and get my med protocol. Then, depending on this clinics protocol, I should transfer, probably mid June. I am so freaking excited. And the RE is a WOMAN!!! Thank you god! But, if this doesn't work, then I will just work and save every penny I earn to have enough for my tubal reversal.

Anyway, I have to study my ass off right now for my test in Tampa tomorrow for my CMAA. Wish me luck!