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Thursday, June 30, 2011

12 days to go...

Well, to me the countdown is on, though most people start the countdown at 10 days until the event, right?

Meh, either way, it's on for me. 12 days until transfer. That means after my final baseline on the 5th of July, I will be getting my orders for PIO injections. Yay! (Not)
I've had a serious issue with the estrogen pills. They wanted me inserting them in my whoo-ha twice a day and taking them orally twice a day, which I found out is because of my allergy to the patches. But, I have been having issues constantly since "inserting" the pills. So I finally had enough and e-mailed my NC and the RE told me just to take two pills two times a day orally, which I wish they would have just done that to begin with. Geesh. That's nice though- no patches, no suppositories. This so far, minus the "issues" has been the most comfortable med protocol I've had yet. None of them are really comfortable, hopping up your body on ginormous amounts of female hormones to thicken up and be ready for a baby. You guys think we are hormonal as normal women...lol try being with a woman taking this stuff. My poor husband! He's a trooper though.
Speaking of him, next week we get to spend the whole week together since he's on vacation from work. I'm super excited about that b/c he's going to go back the day I leave to go to Miami for transfer. I'd better have fun while I can!
Anyway, I probably won't update until after transfer since it's tough to do so right now, so hopefully upon my next ramble, I will be "with" my IP's Child. (LOL)
Later guys!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I swear this medicine is the worst part of these cycles. My emotions go haywire and I am so overly sensitive to literally-everything.
Now my Mom and I are fighting like crazy over lotion....yes, lotion. I basically wait on her hand and foot all day, as a non-paid CNA helping her in the bathroom, making all her meals, drinks, changing wound dressings, changing her clothes, dispensing medications, including insulin, checking her sugar, her blood pressure etc. Not only that, but I cook for 6 people and clean after 6 people and 3 dogs and a cat DAILY, again without pay. We actually pay half of all the bills here and I am caring for my Mom daily. I don't stop until she goes to bed. Let's not forget I have a husband with needs of my attention and 2 children who need my attention. I am getting royally treated like shit by my Mom for not lotioning her legs. I told her to remind me since I have 2000 other things to do in a day for her and everyone else. Her remark is that she shouldn't have to remind me. Am I supposed to be freaking super woman? I have 2 arms and 2 legs like everyone else. I do everyone's laundry, cook and clean on top everything I do for her and the time I need to be spending with my kids. This is so frustrating that she has got me in tears. Part of that issue is the damn estrogen. I get really moody and VERY easily pissed off and she has pushed every possible button she can with me today. I'm done with it. I'm hiding in my room so as to avoid yelling at her, yet again for calling me names over lotion. Ugh. Stupid estrogen.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ready, Contract, Meds!

So, this has been a rather interesting ride so far....I got my contract finalized yesterday and my IP's accepted all the changes, except one, which we worked out. If I talk about it, I will never hear the end of it from certain people, so I am not going to mention it. Otherwise, I started my Lupron this morning, which luckily I don't have to take for too long.

My Mom came home and it's going to take time to get used to her being home and us living and doing things differently. But I a just thankful she is here.

We are celebrating my oldest's birthday tomorrow, though she's not actually 10 until Monday and I am so excited. I got her a couple things she's going to love. I can't wait to see her face light up.

Anyway, things are looking better as far my health. I had a sore throat, and sneezing issue for a few days and then it turned into sore throat, horribly sore throat and coughing not stop. I went to the Doctor after a week of it hurting me and found out I am one step from Pneumonia, that I do have bronchitis. I got some cough syrup and 875 mg pills of amoxicillian. Horse pills, yucky. Anyway, that's all for now. I will probably post pics tomorrow night/Saturday morning of my dd's b-day party.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Off we go...

So, my appointment and flights and time with my IP's went wonderfully! They did draw blood and yesterday the results came in. I am still cootie free (LOL), However, As Dr. P pointed out, I am not immune to Chicken Pox. I showed my Dad the form I had to sign and he flipped. I've had the vaccine AND the chicken pox themselves 25 years ago. He doesn't understand why I am not immune. Beats me!

Anyway, I get my meds tomorrow, start them the 9th of June. Contracts will be early in the week before meds and off we go. Transfer is July 12th.

So excited!!