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Thursday, June 30, 2011

12 days to go...

Well, to me the countdown is on, though most people start the countdown at 10 days until the event, right?

Meh, either way, it's on for me. 12 days until transfer. That means after my final baseline on the 5th of July, I will be getting my orders for PIO injections. Yay! (Not)
I've had a serious issue with the estrogen pills. They wanted me inserting them in my whoo-ha twice a day and taking them orally twice a day, which I found out is because of my allergy to the patches. But, I have been having issues constantly since "inserting" the pills. So I finally had enough and e-mailed my NC and the RE told me just to take two pills two times a day orally, which I wish they would have just done that to begin with. Geesh. That's nice though- no patches, no suppositories. This so far, minus the "issues" has been the most comfortable med protocol I've had yet. None of them are really comfortable, hopping up your body on ginormous amounts of female hormones to thicken up and be ready for a baby. You guys think we are hormonal as normal women...lol try being with a woman taking this stuff. My poor husband! He's a trooper though.
Speaking of him, next week we get to spend the whole week together since he's on vacation from work. I'm super excited about that b/c he's going to go back the day I leave to go to Miami for transfer. I'd better have fun while I can!
Anyway, I probably won't update until after transfer since it's tough to do so right now, so hopefully upon my next ramble, I will be "with" my IP's Child. (LOL)
Later guys!