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Friday, July 22, 2011

Beta, Oh rotten beta...

Well, I posted on the surro site and on FB, but I must do it here too, so I can continue to chronicle this journey and look back on this blog when it's all over and say, whatever it is I will say when that time comes...

My las 2 journies, I never got a positive pee stick, so I knew beta was negative. My pee sticks are still darkening by the day, so I knew this was, good, but I didn't think I was going to get lucky enough to get a good strong beta. I thought I'd wind up with 55 or something. The NC said anything above 5 is considered positive, but anything over 50 is better. My beta came back at 191. Now, this is really good news to me considering it's not ZERO. LOL

However, we read into these beta's and look for signs of how many babies are in there with no luck as there are so many differences in how we produce this hormone. So, we get a few beta's and hope they double to show a viable pregnancy and then wait for an ultrasound to see how many are baking in there.

IVF is a roller coaster ride for everyone involved. Once you're over one hurdle, the next is staring you in the face. You get the Doctor, the Medical Screening, The Meds, The Transfer, The 2WW for a positive pregnancy test/beta and then you wait for two more betas to rise correctly and then you wait for ultrasound for heart beat, then next ultrasound to make sure everything is still ok, and on and on and on. It's like I will never fully relax until I pass the 24 week mark where a baby is viable.

Anyway, that's all my rambling for the day on the surrogacy front. Tomorrow is my birthday and I have every intention of relaxing and enjoying turning 30.

Until Monday when I have my next beta....

Thanks for Reading!