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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Routines, weight loss...and questions....

So, I am guessing because my metabloism has increased with being pregnant that I must not be consuming the correct amount of calories, as In about 3 weeks I've lost 6+ pounds. It's not that I'm trying to do so, but I'm just not that hungry to begin with, or it's that I get full easy. Before this I trained my body to only consume certain amounts of food, and certain types. I barely ate carbs, basically sticking just to lean, grilled or broiled meats and stacking up on vegetables, and trying to maintain reasonable portion sizes. It worked for me. Now that I'm pregnant, I seem not to want much of any kind of meat (get your head out of the gutter if it's in there) and I am loving the vegetables even more. Those and AppleJacks cereal. OMG...yum. So...do I just let this ride or do I attempt to stretch my stomach to take in more food? And try to eat more carbs in the process...??

The routine of things is finally starting to kick in to where I no longer need to look at my calendar to see what meds I need to take when. I finally have it down without looking, as I need to since I'm going to be doing this for the next 6 weeks.

5 a.m.
2 Estrace pills- orally
2 Progesterone Capsules- Vaginally

8 a.m.
1 cc Shot of PIO
1 prenatal vitamin
1 81mg Aspirin

10 p.m.
2 Estrace pills- orally
2 Progesterone Capsules- Vaginally


It's good to have it down to the exact hour, that way I am getting the meds the same time every day. Also, by taking the Estrace so late at night, I don't wake up with hot flashes as I did before taking it a 7 p.m. Those things SUCK!

Another thing that happened over this past week was my Mom getting diagnosed with lung cancer. She goes in Monday (tomorrow) for a PET Scan to determine if it has spread anywhere else, what type of radiation and how many days a week she will need it.
I have taken the week to think about this and let it sink in, and I have come to terms with the fact that it's not going to change her Dx from me being upset. All I can do is hope she doesn't follow her Mothers path and be gone in 9 months as my grandmother did after her diagnosis.

My ultrasound to see a heartbeat and if one or both embies stuck is in a week. I'm hoping next week flies by so we can hurry up and get to it. I don't feel pregnant as I never did with my kids, but this is much different. It wasn't IVF, so I knew they were sticking around. No bleeding or cramping going on, just no further symptoms. All I feel is a little more hungry, got these twinges still, a little more gas and some heartburn. No biggy.

Oh well. Thanks for reading!