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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Seeing the word- Pregnant.

So, Thomas wanted to see the word pregnant. We went to wal-mart and got a 2 pack, just in case my hcg wasn't high enough to show it today. Well, I took it this afternoon, and low and behold, there it is.
I've been reading the HCG has to be at a level of 50mIU/mL of the hormone. All the information you want to know on home pregnancy tests can be found here.
Some other surros have taken a pregnancy test the day of beta and checked out dark the test line (the other line that shows up on every test pregnant or not is the control line) in accordance with their beta number. For those who don't know what a "beta" test is- The hormone you pee out that makes the stick tell you that you're pregnant is HCG or  human chorionic gonadotropin . It is also secreted in the blood and that is the beta level, is the amount of hCG in a womans system when we get a positive pregnancy test. For IVF patients, such as myself and other women, a beta blood test is pretty routine regardless if you get a positive pregnancy test before hand. My first beta blood test this cycle is Thursday, 7/21. Reproductive Endocrinologists (the nifty test tube Doctors performing miracles) get a 2nd and sometimes 3rd beta level after a positive first one to make sure they are rising correctly.

So, I probably will not post another blog until after my beta comes in Thursday. It's Sunday and I'm still in shock of being pregnant after this year long struggle, and honestly I've already given in to the extreme tiredness. Just last week I was taking an hour to fall asleep and now as soon as I hit the pillow I'm out. It's an exhausting, fun, & rewarding ride.

Thanks for reading...