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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Transfer went great!!

So....the flight to Ft. Lauderdale/Miami wasn't too bad, it was packed since Mondays are a busy travel day and all, and it's an inexpensive airline to begin with. Anyway, my daughter and I got there safe and sound. It was an early flight, so we didn't eat breakfast, we wound up having brunch around 11 a.m. at a local diner near my IP's home and it was soooo good!! After that we went to their (gorgeous) house and unpacked and relaxed for about an hour before my IM and I left for South Miami Clinic, a 45 minute drive in normal traffic down there, which turned into an hour drive because of an accident. On the way there we talked and talked and I drank 2 bottles of water and man I felt like I was going to burst. I swear the worst part about a transfer is having a full bladder, I mean FULL to the hilt. I metabloize (and I'm sure we all do) water VERY quickly and I had to relieve myself to almost empty before transfer. 20 minutes later up in stirrups she put the u/s wand on my belly and my bladder was FULL again. Anyway, she had 3 frozen embies left and two were excellent and the third didn't expand during the thaw, so it was discarded. The two that were put in were fantastic and one was hatching, the other hatched with over 200 cells each. This is the first transfer of the three I've had where I actually saw the eggs land in my uterus via ultrasound. The last two transfers, the Doctor waved the wand over me to see my bladder was full and peek at my uterus and then the machine went off during the transfer. So, this one was totally different in that there was no PGD, they were hatched/ing and I saw them fall from the straw into me. I asked the chance of a pregnancy occuring and she said she would be shocked if I didn't wind up with twins, but she was positive one would stick. I hope only one sticks and so does my IM, but she said god only gives people what they can handle, so she'll take whatever she gets. Now, just before transfer, my husband, Thomas text me that he got employee of the month at work and a $150 bonus check. Hellz yeah! But it didn't stop there. After transfer he bought a scratch off lotto ticket and won $100 on it!!! What?! So, that told me that since we had some good luck that day, it must be fate! Anyway transfer went great and I will probably start POAS Saturday. My IP's are coming to visit me Saturday since they have to drive here to do a video interview for our agency. My plan is to pee that morning and hopefully have a BFP, but I plan to do it again after they get here, hopefully I can walk out of the bathroom with a double lined test for them!!

Another nice thing is I got to taste a Cuban dish since my IM is cuban. Can I just say, YUM! Both my IP's took wonderful care and were extremely hospitable to my daughter and I the entire time. On Wednesday morning (my last full day there) IM and I sat and had a 2 hour conversation in her kitchen about nearly everything, including the last surrogate she had who basically dooped her. My IP's do have a child together, and my IM has children from her first marriage, but can't carry now due to Hypertension. The child they have is from her first surrogate, the same clinic got her pregnant the first try. Everything went beautifully with that one. Then they tried again and the surrogate lost their baby at 4 months gestation. It's very personal what happened, but it was not anything to do with my IP's embryo's, they had the fetus tested. That surrogate also got pregnant the first time. 1st surro had 3 embies transferred to her, 2nd surro had 2 transferred. So, I am hopeful this the time it will happen for us. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, I am exhausted as I didn't sleep much while I was there. I never sleep well unless I am home in my bed. I will say, the hormones really haven't gotten to me much this cycle, until this morning. We had an extremely early flight home and I was up at 4 a.m. (after being in and out of sleep for about 4 hours, which is how I slept all three nights I was there) so add in tired beyond all get out, and when the plane touched down in Tampa at 8 a.m., I was freaking crying! Yes, crying. I've never been happier to be home. I missed my son and my husband, and though it's odd, my 2 dogs, baby raccoon, snakes and even the fat cat who lazes around my house.

Oh! I almost forgot! I got a call from my school on Wednesday to congratulate me on having a 3.75 GPA! It's one of the highest in the school and they are so happy I am doing well. Nine "A's" and four "B's" so far, with four classes left before graduation...I'm thinking I will be shooting for that 4.0 if I can do it!!

So anyway, I think I'm done rambling. I wanted to add in a few pictures of the trip....nothing much. Thanks for reading!!

                                          This is this morning's flight...ahh...sunrise from an airplane!
The next one is the sunrise on the Sunshine Skyway bridge from Bradenton to St. Pete.

Next is my DD, first time on a plane, headed to Ft. Lauderdale!

And finally, this is the cuban dish. No idea what it's called. It has white rice, boiled potates, tomatoe sauce and cubed beef w/ some spices. Also half a fried plantain. Yum!

I'll probably post Saturday or Sunday and let everyone know my BFP or BFN status as of then. :)