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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What a day!

*NOTE: Mostly Non-Surrogacy Related Post*

So, today has been a mixed emotion day.
I wasn't going to blog again until after transfer, but I feel that I need to get a few things out.
Saturday morning, I woke up to blood in my bed. Talk about freaking out. I'm not pregnant, nor have I transferred yet, but I am supposed to in a week. I thought my lining was shedding and I about had a melt down at first. So, then I passed a clot, which made it worse. Finally a few friends and my dh got me to call the emergency # for the clinic and my RE called me back pretty quickly. She said bleeding at this stage is usually linked to high estrogen levels, so she knocked my dose down from 4 mg a day to 2 mg a day. It's Tuesday and I'm still bleeding lightly. But this morning, I went in for an ultrasound and my lining is a shining 10.7 mm. For those of you who don't know, 7-9 mm is where most RE's want a lining to be for a transfer. So mine is nice and fluffy :) The place I get my b/w done closed early today so I don't have my E2 levels back yet.

Aside from that, which was the good part of today, the damn Casey Anthony trial verdict came back today and I have been fighting people left and right. And it's not even about the verdict itself, but the insults swinging from having different opinions on it. One person I don't know even said all Floridians heads have been fried by the sun, that's why we make such bad decisions. Excuse me?!? Who the hell are YOU? This girl lives in Iowa. Well, let me get to the stereo-typing you just did....I could have called her a few choice words, but that's not me and I don't believe that. My Dad is from Iowa and I've lived there. I know how it is. I also asked her if she wanted to insult Californians while she was on a roll. Why, you ask? Because they aquitted O.J. Simpson who murdered TWO people and they had DNA evidence and he was aquitted. At least with Casey Anthony there was no DNA. Whatever. If you're going to stereo-type people be prepared. I hate it when people do that. A surrogate get's stereo-typed as money hungry or some other name I choose not to say for "giving up her baby", even though it's never OUR baby to "give up" to it's rightful parents.
Some people are just too damn stupid for their own good I swear....

Ok, vent over!

Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July. Ours was like a normal day and we watched fireworks in the neighborhood since our neighbors had some nice ones. It was a nice cool night too. Perfect for fireworks.

We also adopted a cutie yesterday, an abandoned (by his momma) baby raccoon. Meet Rascal!

    He's so sweet and cute! My dh has had one or two before and knows a lot about them and we did TONS of research (including making sure it was legal to have him in Florida, it is! whew!) and found out things dh didn't know before. But he is like a newborn. He sleeps, cries when he's hungry and gets fed with a bottle and poops and pee's. No diapers though. He's very sweet and has one eye open and working on the other.

Anyway, I think I've gotten everything out of my system for now. I may blog again before transfer, but no promises. We'll see.