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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not so good news...

You know being pregnant is hard enough, but to have a family member on life support does not make matters any easier.

I got a text from my father this morning that he was on his way to the county hospital while EMT's transported my mother from dialysis. They wouldn't tell him why. He finally found out after a nurse took him to the family waiting room and sat him down and explained the situation.
I didn't know the entire story until later in the day, but here it is.

My mom goes to dialysis every mon/wed/fri every week. Well she was at her normal dialysis appt. and they hooked her up to her machine and left her there...checked on her TWO AND A HALF HOURS later, to find her with no pulse and no heart beat. Now, keep in mind she has a DNR on file. So, not only do have the screwed up by waiting so long to check on her, but then they administer CPR!!!! They can't get her back so they call EMT and they shock her and get a hb, then lose it. So they put her on a ventilator and take her to Manatee Co. hospital.

My dad is there waiting for us and goes into shock, and passes out and I find him, eyes open and red, drooling uncontrolably and unable to move his arms or legs. They have to then put him on gurney and take him to a room. So then I've got both parents in the E.R.

As of right now, my dad is fine at home. My brother will be here momentarily from Georgia, and we are then going up to the hospital. We plan to remove her from the ventilator tomorrow and pray she makes it. The chances are very small, if any that she will. All we have is hope that god will take her peacefully when the time is right. We are prepared to let her be in peace.

I will update after something has happened.