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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 and the baby..

It's the 10th anniversary of that tragic day 10 years ago and there have been t.v. programs showing all the footage all over again and memorials galore. While I'm not complaining, I did see a post made on Cafe mom about how we should be thinking about this every year and not on landmark anniversary's. I then replied to her about how most birthday's get celebrated, but it's the landmark one's that we really make more of and this is no different, just not a celebration, but a remembrance of a significant time in our history. I'm sure when MLK and Lincoln both died the major 10 year anniversary was brought to life on those days. That's just how we do things.
Anyway, enough of that.

Ok, onto the baby. I have my Nuchal Scan done on the 20th. But my last ultrasound in the Doctors office did show placenta previa and I am on light duty, but not bed rest. Thank god. I was told no sex and no lifting anything until they are sure it's gonna clear up, which 95% of cases do. It probably won't be until later in the pregnancy that it does. So we'll wait and see. Baby had a good strong hb and looked beautiful. Here are pics., they are a bit blurry, cell phone pics.

Anyway, I'm done venting and relaying news. The only other thing is Saturday we are finally going to lay mom to rest in Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville. Not sure what time, but it will be nice to have closure on the entire thing and maybe move on.

Thanks for reading everyone.