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Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm leaving shortly for my prenatal blood work and urine screen that I didn't do last month. I misplaced the form and forgot about it.

Still taking things day by day, but being busy and spending more time with my kiddos seems to help me get through. I got a TON of exercise yesterday. Walked a mile w/ our new Dane- Jasmine (see pic), walked the flea market for 2 hours (about 2 miles) and grocery shopped for 1 1/2 hours (30 mins in line, ugh). We also took Jasmine to the dog park, which wasn't a ton of walking, but I did have to caution all the dogs from jumping on my belly.

Anyway I mention Jasmine in the above paragraph. Here she is...

Now it's just hurry up and wait for this baby to get here so we can get our big changes on the way. I am so ready to be out of Florida!

I am still having headaches, but they have calmed down a little bit, but I have other symptoms now. Chapped lips, sneezing 12-15 times a day and itchy throaty type cough.

Blah. Anyways, time to get in gear fro my brothers wedding this weekend. I'm not looking forward to driving to Panama City, but at least it's only a couple hours away. I know this wedding is going to be beautiful, but I feel like something is missing. My Mom was so excited about this and just wanted to make it long enough to see him get married. I guess she will either way, but it's still hard to think about this event being her goal and she didn't make it. It's disappointing.

Until next time...